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The Center for Teaching provides a wide range of confidential consultation services to individuals for developmental and formative purposes. Because these services are designed to complement one another, we encourage instructors to use them in whatever combination will help them meet their teaching goals. While we welcome the opportunity to work with instructors on any teaching topic of interest to them, the services listed below are among those most requested.

Please use the contact form provided on this site or call 615-322-7290 to schedule a consultation. As our consultants are in demand, please allow two weeks for us to add you to our schedule; we want to meet your needs as quickly and effectively as possible. Thank you.

  • Syllabus and Course Design Consultation

    Instructors can work with a CFT consultant at any stage of designing a course, from defining the topic for a course to putting the finishing touches on the syllabus. Consultants help instructors identify learning goals for their students, develop meaningful, well-timed assignments, and determine ways of assessing whether and how students have achieved those goals.

  • Teaching Observation

    A Center consultant can visit any teaching setting to observe instructional practices. After the visit, the consultant discusses with the instructor what she or he has observed; together, they develop strategies for further experimentation and refinement, and identify areas for ongoing reflection. A teaching observation works particularly well for instructors who have engaged already in some analysis of their own teaching, but would like another perspective.

  • Digital Video Consultation

    Instructors can arrange for the Center to create a digital video of any teaching session, and then view the DVD with a CFT consultant. This kind of analysis offers instructors the chance to observe their practice through a different "lens" than when involved in the moment-to-moment teaching process.

  • Small Group Analysis (SGA)

    A Center consultant meets with students in a class to collect their thoughts about the class, and then meets with the instructor to discuss student responses. An SGA can provide valuable insight into what students think is working well in the classroom.

  • Student Evaluations Consultation

    A CFT consultant can help instructors interpret both the numerical ratings and the comments on student evaluations. This type of consultation shifts the focus from viewing evaluations as judgment or critique to recognizing them as a rich source of information about student learning in our disciplines.

  • Teaching Documentation

    The Center consults on the preparation of teaching statements, course portfolios, teaching portfolios, and other forms of documentation. Preparing such materials helps instructors to reflect deliberately on their teaching practice--deepening their understanding of pedagogical goals and methods, and linking those goals and methods to student learning.

  • Grant Consultation

    Principal investigators can consult with the CFT about educational components involved in grant proposals, including design, assessment, and evaluation. CFT consultants are well versed in current research and literature on best practices in university teaching.

  • Technology Consultation

The CFT Educational Technologist works with instructors to explore potential technologies to support student learning. Complementing local support providers who offer basic hardware and software training, the CFT works with individual or groups of instructors to develop a plan for successful integration of technology into their teaching. This may include assistance with your course web site, electronic communication tools, course presentation technologies, and a range of other issues geared to the needs and expertise of the instructor.


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