Teaching Award Winners

Each year at our Celebration of Teaching event, we honor the ways in which Vanderbilt practices, values, and rewards university teaching and learning as vital forms of scholarship. During the celebration we recognize those faculty and graduate students who have won teaching awards during the current academic year. This page serves as an archival compilation of teaching award winners since 2006, the first year that the CFT hosted a Celebration of Teaching event.

University-wide Awards

Chancellor's Cup
Molly Miller, Earth and Environmental Sciences (2007-2008)
Douglas Fisher, Computer Science (2006-2007)

Ellen Gregg Ingalls Award for Excellence in Classroom Teaching
James A. Lovensheimer, Musicology (2007-2008)
Elena Olazagasti-Segovia, Spanish and Portuguese (2006-2007)
Jose Medina, Professor, Philosophy (2005-2006)

Joe B. Wyatt Distinguished Professor Award
David Wood, Philosophy (2007-2008)
Sarratt Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Stephen G. Buckles, Economics (2007-2008)
Robin Fountain, Conducting, Blair School of Music (2006-2007)
Brian Griffith, Education (2005-2006)

College of Arts and Science

Alumni Outstanding Freshman Advisor Award
Kenneth Schriver, Physics and Astronomy (2007-2008)
Frank Wcislo, History (2006-2007)

Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching
Stephen Buckles, Economics (2007-2008)

Ernest A. Jones Faculty Advisor Award
Lorraine Lopez, English (2007-2008)
James Ray, Political Science (2006-2007)

Harriet S. Gilliam Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Lecturer or Senior Lecturer
Linda Hutchison, Mathematics (2007-2008)
John English, Communication Studies (2006-2007)

Jeffrey Nordhaus Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
Christoph Zeller, Germanic and Slavic Languages (2007-2008)
Edward Friedman, Spanish and Portuguese (2006-2007)

Natural Sciences
Shane Hutson, Physics and Astronomy (2007-2008)
Kathy Friedman, Biological Sciences (2006-2007)

Social Sciences

Marc Hetherington, Political Science (2007-2008)
Tiffiny Tung, Anthropology (2006-2007)

Outstanding Graduate Mentoring Award
Edward Friedman, Spanish (2007-2008)
Randolph Blake, Psychology (2006-2007)

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award
Leah Marcus, English (2007-2008)
Calvin Miller, Earth & Environmental Sciences (2006-2007)

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award
Casey Leonetti, Mathematics (2007-2008)
Heather Talley, Sociology (2007-2008)
Jennifer Clement, English (2006-2007)
Scott Crombie, Earth & Environmental Sciences (2006-2007)

Law School

Hall-Hartman Outstanding Professor Award
Jon Bruce (2007-2008)
Michael Vandenbergh (2006-2007)

James Ely (2007-2008)
Robert Rasmussen (2006-2007)

Jeffrey Schoenblum (2007-2008)
Jeffrey Schoenblum (2006-2007)

Owen Graduate School of Management

Executive M.B.A. Award for Teaching Excellence  
Luke Froeb, Management (2007-2008)
Luke Froeb, Management (2006-2007)
David Scheffman, Strategy (2006-2007)

James A. Webb Award for Excellence in Teaching
Tim Vogus, Management (2007-2008)
David Owens, Management (2006-2007)

Peabody College of Education and Human Development

Outstanding Teaching Award
Megan Saylor (2006-2007)

School of Engineering

Award for Excellence in Teaching
Amrutur V. Anilkumar, Mechanical Engineering (2007-2008)
Sanjiv Gokhale, Civil Engineering and Construction Management (2006-2007)

School of Medicine

Award for Excellence in Teaching
Gerald Gotterer, Medical Education & Administration (2006-2007)
Denis O'Day, Vanderbilt Eye Institute (2006-2007)

Elaine Sanders-Bush Award for Excellence in Teaching
Nancy Brown, Clinical Pharmacology (2007-2008)
Joey Barnett, Pharmacology (2006-2007)

F. Peter Guengerich Award for Excellence in Teaching (Research Setting)
John C. Gore, Radiology & Radiological Sciences, Bio Medical Engineering, Physics, and Molecular Physiology & Biophysics (2007-2008)
James Crowe, Jr., Pediatric Infectious Disease (2006-2007)

Frank H. Boehm Award for Contributions to Continuing Medical Education
Gerald Hickson, Clinical Affairs (2007-2008)

Frank H. Boehm Award for Excellence in Teaching
Jim Pichert, Medical Education and Administration (2007-2008)
Robert  Ossoff, Otolaryngology (2006-2007)

Gerald S. Gotterer Award for Innovation in Educational Programming
Charles Coffey, Medical Physics (2007-2008)

John S. Sergent Award for Excellence in Teaching (Small Group Setting)
Ban Mishu Allos, Infectious Diseases (2007-2008)
Cathleen Pettepher, Cancer Biology (2006-2007)

R. Michael Rodriguez Award for Excellence in Teaching (Clinical Setting)
Satish R. Raj, Clinical Pharmacology (2007-2008)
Jeffery B. Dattilo, Surgery (2007-2008)
William Walsh, Neonatology (2006-2007)

Robert D. Collins Award for Excellence in Teaching (Lecture Setting)
William Schaffner, Infectious Diseases (2007-2008)
Terence Dermody, Pediatric Infectious Disease (2006-2007)

School of Nursing

Excellence in Teaching Award (Educational innovation)
Julie Rosof-Williams, Pediatrics (2007-2008)
HSM (Health Systems Management) Faculty Group (2006-2007)
Tom Christenbery, Susan Newbold, Terri Davis Crutcher, Pamela Jones, Bonnie Pilon, Cynthia Waller
Maria Overstreet, Nursing (2005-2006)

Excellence in Teaching Award (Teaching in a clinical setting)
Leslie Coleman, Nursing (2007-2008)
Sarah Fogel, Nursing (2006-2007)
Jennifer Scroggie, Psychiatry (2005-2006)  

Excellence in Teaching Award (Teaching in a lecture or small group setting)
Terri Donaldson, Nursing (2007-2008)
Roberta Bradley, Nursing (2006-2007)
Barbara Petersen, Nursing (2005-2006)


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